Game a Week – Week 09

Ludum Dare 30 was this weekend, so my buddy/neighbor, Jason, and I set out to create something! The theme was “Connected Worlds”. Kinda vague. So… what do you do with a theme like that? Clearly you make a planet themed version of “Human Centipede“, aka, “Planetpede“.

5 beers, 2 red bulls, 2 burgers, and a burrito later, Planetpede is ready for its web debut!

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 12.45.30 AM

This is the first time I was ever the main artist on a project. Those of you who know me will realize what a big deal this is. I don’t draw. I don’t paint. I don’t art artsy things. So this was a fantastic learning experience. I made all of the assets using Procreate on the iPad. It was a ridiculous amount of fun, but also extremely time consuming. Artists, I have a new respect for you. Mad props, yo.

You guys can check out Planetpede here!

Hope you enjoy.