Game a Week – Week 11

Inspired by the hugely successful Destiny, I decided to make an FPS this week.

Like the rest of the internet, I was heartbroken to see the Loot Cave go. After the hours we spent together, the times we shared, the laughs, the head shots, the false Purple Engrams… I knew that I had to create a tribute to this lovely cave.

Welcome to Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator.


The premise is simple. Shoot the cave. Witness the mountains of loot.


…and level up!


For those of us who will always remember Loot Cave, may this be a fitting tribute.

Week 11 – Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator

Big thanks to Luis Yepez for modeling the cave and environment!







  1. John · September 29, 2014

    If you expanded this, so the engrams actually give you different guns, I’d probably play this forever. Please update it with more content, I’d absolutely love to have this be an actual thing. P.S. if you didnt already know, you were featured on Kotaku:

  2. John · September 29, 2014

    Now that I think about it, if you put a couple of weeks into it, you could even go for a steam release! You could add enemies, multiplayer, DLC (mostly disk locked content) (jk), basically a whole game! You obviously have the talent, so why not? I’d gladly pay $5 – $10 for a game like that. Basically a smaller scale destiny, but even better!

  3. Justin · September 29, 2014

    Your game a week project is super inspiring. Keep up the great work.