Game a Week – Week 12

So much happened last week, it’s insane.

ICSS spread across video gaming news sites like a plague. I was blown away by the response.

Thank you.

Not only was the project successful, I also received a job offer from an indie start up in Seattle, AtomJack. With this said, my last day at 5th Cell was Friday and I’m excited begin working with this insanely talented team next Monday.

This week, I had full intentions of failing – but I thought that would be too disrespectful to anyone taking the time of out of their day to visit my site again. So. I’m posting a project that I worked on earlier this year. It’s called “The Duel“.


This is a local multiplayer game where both players use the same Xbox 360 controller.

Each player uses a thumb stick and tries to complete one of two objectives:

  1. Pin the other player’s thumb.
  2. Hold the button down to fill up your bar.

The goal is to win three rounds.


Week 12 – The Duel

[Note: This can also be played with WASD/Arrows, but it’s really meant for a 360 controller.]

Big thanks to Tyler Woods for modeling me a thumb on such short random notice.

Hope you enjoy!