Game a Week – Week 06

This week’s game is my take on an endless runner.

I had a little trouble starting this week. On Monday I thought about making a puzzle game, but when it came to actually working on it, I just couldn’t find the motivation. Instead, I found myself getting excited over the concept of a runner. I didn’t actually begin production until Thursday night, so this is a 4’ish day project!

While dev’ing on Endless, I made a system that easily allows designers to make obstacle patterns and have them up and running ridiculously fast (no pun intended). The designer simply places obstacles in the world and associates them with a particular “Obstacle Set” object. A manager then looks at all the sets and loads them in/out as needed. You can even tell these obstacles how they should scale in. New challenges can be created and running in-game within 30 seconds. PRODUCTIVITY! I wish I had more time to put together more variants, but alas, it’s already Sunday night.

This was definitely a fun little project to work on and I could see myself revisiting the idea later. Hope you enjoy it!


Week 06 – Endless

Controls –
Space Bar to jump.
Space Bar shortly after touching a wall to double jump.


  1. Samuel Dassler · August 4, 2014

    Allow jumping with ‘UP ARROW’ or mouse click (or phone tap).

    • · August 4, 2014

      I actually allowed any keyboard input to work…but it’s commented out…because I’m a dummy.

      • Samuel Dassler · August 4, 2014

        That’s basically as good as it being functional. It’s the thought that counts.