Novel Writing Simulator

Hey everyone!

Inspired by NaNoWriMo I decided to contribute to the novel writing scene. Finishing something is really hard, be it a novel, a game, a drawing, a song. It’s damn near impossible to carry something through to completion. So, I put together this simulator to help with some of the heavy lifting.

Novel Writing Simulator gives you the opportunity to write an entire novel, all it asks of you is to tap the keyboard. Every key press will add the next character to the novel. Given some grit and time, you’ll be able to write all of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Finally, you can be a real novelist!

I’ve decided to host this project on, a platform that allows devs to post their projects and receive donations for their efforts! If you feel like donating, know that 10% will go towards supporting and the other 90% will go to helping me pay off the $130,000 of student loan debt I accrued building the skills that enable me to make these projects!

Thanks for checking out Novel Writing Simulator. Have a great holiday!

Here’s a trailer!

Download Novel Writing Simulator